5 Foods to Keep You Hydrated During Pregnancy

Summer days are really a hard task to cope up with. The hot weather can challenge you to stay on top of your daily fluid needs. So be chill with these five mostly-water foods that will keep you hydrated.

1. Watermelon

With "water" in its name, obviously, this fruit tops the list! Watermelon is an awesome way to add more fluid to your body. With 92% of water content, it keeps you hydrated for the whole day.

2. Strawberries

With 91% of water content, these little berries provide abundant nutrition. Be smart by adding this fruit to your diet.

3. Cucumbers

Craving for something crunchy with your hydration?

Go for cucumbers! They supply plenty of water with a percentage of 95 and taste great in your diet.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt supplies 85% of water with a healthy dose of non-meat protein, and bone-building calcium. Add this to your diet and stay healthy.

5. Oranges

Oranges are a great choice of food during pregnancy. They’re full of vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Oranges are naturally refreshing and full of water, which keeps you hydrated with a great percentage of 87.