About Us

At Amrutha Fertility center, we strive to provide people of all ages with caring, up-to-date gynecological and fertility services.

Our vision is to lead with passion and serve with compassion to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. We would like to be the hospital of choice for patients, doctors and employees in Telangana and AP.

Amrutha Hospital is committed to being world-class in terms of healthcare practice, education and research. We aim to provide treatment that is compassionate, cost-effective and high-quality to the people. We intend to be affiliated with renowned institutions of higher learning to provide excellence in research and teaching. We aspire to have a work environment that encourages collaboration between all of our employees and gives them opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Compassion : We treat everyone with love, respect, and positive attitude.

Integrity : We adhere to the ultimate standard of professional conduct and ethical behavior.

Collaboration : We always encourage shared decision making and also believe that the partnership of patients, caregivers, and health care professionals form the foundation of excellent care.

We are helping women's for over 27 years

We are the pioneers in the lap ectopic pregnancy resection, LAVH, tubal recanalization, Lap appendectomy, Lap hernia, lap cholecystectomy, adhesiolysis, cannulation of blocked tubes, and foreign body removals- IUCD. We are the only center to conduct a CME program till date and also the first center to start thermal ablation by thermochromic for the dub.

Our Golden Timeline


We ventured into the field of gynecology and obstetrics with surgery as our specialty.


We have done our first color Doppler for high-risk pregnancy.


We have done our first vaginal Sonography.


We have introduced polypectomy, myomectomy, IST video laparoscopy, Diag lap hysteroscopy, PCOS-Leo's, endometriosis, and myomectomy.

  • We began our dedicated journey with laparoscopy.
  • We built our first Colposcopy center- for early cervical cancer detection

The first IVF center was started in northern Telangana.


We proudly cherish the parturition of the:

  • First IVF baby 2002.
  • First ICSI baby 2002.
  • First IUI baby.
  • First frozen ET baby 2002.

We have built:

  • The first hysteroscopic center for septal resections.
  • The first semen bank to preserve husbands and donors semen.
  • The first Crayo bank to preserve embryos.

Let's make something great together.

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