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Fertility preservation shields the current reproductive potential of an individual and support one conceive in the future by freezing reproductive cells or tissues. It involves storing of eggs, sperm, embryos or reproductive tissue so that one can have a biological child later without worrying about deteriorating quality or decreasing number of eggs or sperm due to ageing. To know more, book an appointment with our Infertility Specialist.

Why preserve your fertility?

  • Compromised fertility due to surgeries involving removal of ovaries or testes
  • Ovarian diseases like severe endometriosis and repeated surgeries
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy or both as treatments for certain cancers and autoimmune diseases cause irreversible damage
  • When one wants to delay pregnancy because of financial, emotional or professional reasons, as advancing age is associated with low chances of conception

Fertility preservation options for Women:

Egg/oocyte freezing, a method of storing a women’s unfertilized eggs, is a boon to single or young patients without a partner who are desirous of fertility preservation. Frozen eggs may be stored for years without any increased risk of congenital anomalies when used later.

Fertility preservation options for Men:

Semen freezing is advised for those undergoing cancer treatment or any surgery where their fertility may be compromised or lost. Semen containing sperm can be frozen safely for having a baby later. Even patients with unexplained steady progressive drop in sperm count can utilise this technique.

Embryo Cryo Preservation:

In this effective technique, the women’s eggs are fertilised with the sperm of the partner and frozen, so the embryos can be used when the couple is ready to have a baby.
Amrutha Fertility Center offers a comprehensive array of fertility preservation options for women and men. Consult the specialists at Amrutha fertility center who will assess your situation and offer customised effective solutions and also we offer Best IVF Treatment.