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First IVF Center in Northern Telangana

First Colour Doppler & CTG for High-risk Pregnancy 1996

First Hysteroscopy Center for Septal Resections, Polypectomy, Myomectomy in 1998

First Cryobank to Preserve Embryos

First semen bank to preserve husband’s and donor’s semen

First Center to Start Thermal ablation by Thermachoice
for DUB

Be sure, Be on track!

Services we Offer

Health Care Service

We strive to provide women of all ages with caring,up-to-date
gynecological and family planning services.

Women's Health Care

We strive to improve the health of women and enrich their lives with a big smile.

Child Health Care

We strive to create hope and promote lifelong health by contributing the best care to every child

Men's Health Care

We strive to ensure the healthy lifestyle of manhood and help people enjoy life by improving their health.

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